The Parish Council works in partnership with :-

  • Other tiers of Government including Chichester District Council, South Downs National Park Authority and West Sussex County Council
  • Local amenity community groups
  • Sussex Police
  • Local business community
  • Leisure providers
  • Local churches and youth organizations
  • Third sector organizations such as Action in Rural Sussex



County Council

Monitoring Officer for County Members only

District Council/National Park

Monitoring Officer Ethics and Probity for District and Parish Members

Parish Council
Education - Most schools; Special education; Nursery, adult, community.
Housing - Management and maintenance of council houses. Working with Housing Associations; Housing advice; Renovation grants; Homelessness; Unfit housing; Residential care.
Personal Social Services - Securing provision for the elderly, children and those with disabilities (including social care and health and residential care). Inspection Services.
Cemeteries and Burials, Crematoria
Closed Churchyards, Burials/cemeteries
Planning - Strategic planning/structure plans; Minerals and waste planning; Historic buildings.
Planning - Local Development Framework; Development control (Planning applications and enforcement) Advertising consent; Historic buildings; Conservation areas; Tree preservation.
Planning - as consultant
Highways/Transport - Public trans; Highways and parking; Traffic management; Footpaths and bridleways; Transport planning; Street lighting. Highway drainage.
Highways/Transport - Unclassified roads; Off-street car parking; Traffic management; Footpaths and bridleways; Road safety; Local transport plans; Street lighting; Street naming.
Bus Shelters,
War and other memorials,
 Street lighting

Emergency Planning
Emergency Planning

Recreation - Parks and open spaces; Support for the arts; Archives and Record Office; Museums/Art Galleries
Recreation - Parks, open spaces and halls; Swimming pools and leisure centres; Support for the arts; Museums and art galleries.
Public Open Spaces;
Village Halls;
Playing Fields;
Museums and the Arts.

Economic Development
Economic Development

Tourism Development
Tourism Development
Tourism Development
Environmental Services - refuse disposal; Recycling; Gypsy sites.
Environmental Services - Refuse collection/street cleansing; Recycling; Management of travellers/gypsy sites; Food safety; Public conveniences; Markets; Dog and pest control; Noise abatement; Health and Safety; Seats; Licensing.
Litter bins and litter clearance
Local charities
Public seating
- as consultees

Registration of Births, Marriages and Deaths
Library and Information Service
Electoral Registration/Elections

Council Tax and Business Rate collection

Grants to voluntary bodies
Grants to voluntary bodies

 Help with Lottery Applications

Grants to voluntary bodies
Community Planning
Community Planning;
Community Safety (anti-social behaviour, alcohol byelaws)